Math Quiz Generator

If you want your child to practice math quiz use the form below to generate a test quiz. "Show answer sheet" option is a convenience for parents who do not want to solve the quiz. Print the quiz pages for your child and answer pages for yourself.

Step 1 Choose Operation
Step 2 Special Settings
No negative results when subtracting
Step 3 Numbers Should Be Between
Step 4 Generate  tests
Step 5 Print Layout
Operands on one line
Operands on two lines
Step 6 Show answer sheet

A Step By Step How-to

  1. Choose Operation

    Choose one of the four available math operations (+, -, *, /)

  2. Special Settings

    "No negative results when subtracting" when checked, this option prevents generation of the subtraction tests that produce negative results

  3. Numbers Should Be Between

    Use the specified range of numbers to generate the tests. E.g. if you choose numbers between 1 and 100, all tests will only use numbers from 1 to 100

  4. Number of tests to generate

    Specify how many tests you want to be generated

  5. Print Layout

    A test can be printed either on one or two lines

    On one line:

    24 + 45 =

    On two lines:

    + 99
  6. Start Generating

    Clicking on the "Start Generating" button will start the quiz generation. By checking "Show answer sheet" you can choose the answers sheet to be generated.

    The quiz and answers sheet, if chosen, will be generated in new windows.

    Print the quiz for your child and the anser sheet for yourself